Ølensvåg, NO (HQ)


Picture of the Ølensvåg office

Omega 365’s headquarters, in idyllic Ølensvåg, is the driving force and administrative base behind Omega 365's expanding office network across Norway and around the world.

The Ølensvåg office is Omega 365’s headquarters and is located in the Vindafjord region of Norway. The office was established in 1994 and has expanded several times in keeping with Omega 365's rapid growth.

Over 100 Omega 365 employees work at Omega 365's headquarters in Ølensvåg, providing project personnel, software and solutions to clients throughout Norway and around the world.

Historically, Omega 365's work in this region has been largely focused on the oil and gas sector; however, the wider energy industry, public sector and health industry are now also important focus areas for Omega 365's team in Ølensvåg.

The unique location of Omega 365's headquarters is the community in which the Omega 365's founders started the company and also their home town. Omega 365's success over the last 25 years has enabled local growth and the creation of jobs in the region. Omega 365 has played a central role in several community projects in the Ølensvåg district, assisting in the building of sporting arenas and the establishment of a centre for start-up businesses.


The majority of Omega 365’s administrative, HSEQ, business support, and service center staff and services are located in Ølensvåg. The office is also home to Omega 365’s technology department and a large system development team who serve projects worldwide.

Our team of Consultants Managers in Ølensvåg are responsible for assisting Omega 365 consultants that are currently working on projects for a wide range of prominent clients in the oil and gas, infrastructure, IT and telecom, and health care industries. Omega 365's candidates also look to our Consultant Managers to assist them in identifying their next project assignment.

Omega 365's Ølensvåg office is home to many of Omega 365's subsidiary companies including Omega 365 Areal, Omega 365 Hus, and Omega 365 Design.

Key contacts

Anders Lunde

General Manager Norway

Leon Dyngeland

Project Consultants Manager

Terje Aarekol

Project Consultants Manager

Johannes Eide

Project Consultants Manager

Pablo Tveita

Project Consultants Manager

Liv Hetland

Project Consultants Manager

Arne Gunnar Habbestad

Project Consultants Manager

Jorunn Wathne Løhaugen

Project Consultants Manager

Helge Tvedt

Project Consultants Manager

Jan Bauge

Project Consultants Manager

Aslaug Østrem Nesheim

Department Manager Business Support

Svein Tore Haraldseid

General Manager Norway

Linda Andersen Matre

Business Support

Jan Christian Brataas

Cloud, Technology & Products Manager

Johnny Vik

Department Manager

Trygve Haaland

Department Manager

Peter Øren

Department Manager

Åsmund Aarekol

Department Manager