Manage Projects and Assets Efficiently

Designed to improve efficiency and operations in Oil, Gas and Energy, Mining, Construction and Infrastructure industry.

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Document Management

  • Online review with PDF markup
  • Distribution matrix
  • Document archive
Document Management


  • Mechanical completion
  • Inspection and test records
  • Commissioning
Completion Management

Work prep. and execution

  • Organize people and processes
  • Work preparation and planning
  • Material management and logistics
Work prep. and execution (PES)

Cost Management

  • WBS, estimates, and curves
  • Baselines and forecast
  • Performance measurement
Cost Management

Contract management

  • Register contracts and subcontracts
  • Maintain organisation
  • Follow up on relevant documents
Contract Management

Quality Management

  • QA audits / quality plan
  • Procedures and manuals
  • Queries
Quality Management


  • Identify, assess, and mitigate risks
  • Take control of threats and opportunities
  • Ensure a sufficient risk process
Risk Management

Interface Management

  • Interface points and interface requests
  • Controlled exchange of information
  • Drill down dashboards
Interface Management

Management of change

  • Structured approach to managing project changes
  • Involve the appropriate stakeholders
  • Track pre and post approval actions
Management of change (MOC)


  • Prevent and identify incidents
  • Detect potential unsafe trends
  • Ensure proactive actions
HSE Management

BIM & Asset

  • Digital representation of an asset across its lifecycle
  • Multidiscipline collaboration
BIM & Asset


  • Annual, Project and Takt planning
  • Collaborative scheduling
  • Simulate different scenarios
Planning and Scheduling

Pims R4

Tested and proven project information management solution that has been utilized to run large projects in the energy sector for more than 30 years. The solution performs at its best as an integrated solution but is also easily combined with external systems due to its unique, modular structure.

Pims R4

Omega 365

Fully integrated SaaS platform for managing projects and assets. Omega 365 supports the organization’s need for planning, execution, control and management of projects and assets of all sizes.

Omega 365

Custom Solutions

We provide custom design, architecture and complete solutions. Bring your ideas to us and our technical resources will find the right solution for your needs


Complete by selection or complete by design

When you choose an Omega 365 product, you receive a complete solution. Regardless of the functionality you require, we have the expertise and both tailored and off-the-shelf product packages ready to meet your needs.

The new Stavanger University Hospital

Sykehusbygg, the national agency for expertise in hospital planning and construction, and their Stavanger University Hospital building project in Stavanger was one of our first pilot projects when adapting Pims to clients in the construction sector.

The construction of Norway's new National Museum

Statsbygg utilized our products in the construction of the new National Museum in Oslo, which is the largest art museum in the Nordic countries. it opened in 2022.

Johan Sverdrup – Norway's third largest oil field

Our products was used in the hook-up process of the Johan Sverdrup oil field – one of the most important industrial projects in Norway for the next 50 years.

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Jan Christian Brataas

Chief Technology Officer

Svein Tore Haraldseid

General Manager
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