Project Personnel


Mechanical Completion and Commissioning

Omega 365 serves every stage of a project, including mechanical completion and commissioning and within a range of sectors. Omega 365’s Department Managers will match the right people with the right job and ensure clients see their needs fulfilled.

With over 20 years’ experience from different sectors and disciplines, Omega 365 can offer knowledge and expertise to client projects. Having developed the Pims Completion Management systems based on experience from the field, Omega 365 has a deep understanding for this phase of the project. Omega 365 has long been an established and trusted brand, and continues to deliver the right personnel for the job.

Currently serving over 800 projects across the globe, Omega 365 has established a foothold within several sectors and disciplines. Building on the company's fundamental Pims modules, Omega 365’s approach to the market is to show our competency and commitment to clients, and ensure a safe and efficient mechanical completion and commissioning phase.