Bergen, NO


Picture of the Bergen office

Omega 365's office located in the picturesque city of Bergen provides personnel and software within a range of disciplines and secures Omega 365 a foothold in this important business area of Norway.

The Bergen office was established in 2008 to secure a local presence in a vital marketplace in Norway where Omega 365 had a growing workforce. The office delivers project personnel and software mainly to the energy, oil and gas, health, marine, and public sectors, whilst continuing to expand Omega 365's scope in the area based on client needs.

Our 105 employees in the Bergen area are the result of direct sales and a growing portfolio of frame agreements secured by the local team.

The Bergen office has expanded its service range over recent years, adding Subsea and IT as focus areas for their project personnel services. In 2014, Omega 365 became the majority stakeholder in Omega Subsea, formerly known as Accpron Subsea Management (ASM).

Key contacts

Kari B. Bauer Sandal

Project Consultants Manager

Kari Marie Usken

Project Consultants Manager

Vibeke Monsen Snarberg

Project Consultants Manager

Stian Severin Bjørkheim

Project Consultants Manager

Jarle Gjerde

Department Manager

Omega 365 IT consulting

Jan Christian Brataas

Department Manager and Chief Security Officer

Omega Subsea

Trond Berge

General Manager